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Maryland Film Festival Trailer

         In 2013 The Maryland Film Festival Commitee reached out to animators, requesting trailer submissions for the upcoming event. Since the Maryland Film Festival would take place in Baltimore that year, I wanted to do something that embraced the culture of the city in a way that was both funny and simple. Baltimore

is well known for its seafood, so I decided to include various sea creatures along with a backdrop of the Inner Harbor and it's widely recognizeable "Domino Sugars" landmark. 

         I drew each of the frames by hand in pencil and subsequently colored them in Photoshop. The background is an acryllic painting, which I animated in After Effects with a few subtle ripples.

        My trailer was accepted and was chosen to introduce the festival's "Comedy Shorts," which played for three consecutive nights athe the Charles Theatre in Baltimore. 

The Process:

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