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Furball and the Chimes

         "Furball and the Chimes" is my undergraduate senior thesis. I successfully completed it in the spring of 2014, in time for the MICA senior thesis show.

          Starting in the fall, we were  all given two semesters to work on our senior theses. We could make it about whatever we wanted and use whatever type of animation we chose. At the time I preferred 2D animation so I decided to animate using Adobe Flash and Adobe After Effects.

          But to me the subject matter was the most important decision. The summer before my senior year my cat Furball passed away at the age of 15. It was a very sad and difficult experience. Furball and I had been best friends ever since Santa Claus brought her to our house with a red bow around her neck. And so I decided she desrved a tribute.

          Though most of the scenes in this animation are fictional, the setting and characters are based in truth. The house resembles the place where I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. However (though it would have been nice) we never actually had a pool.

The Process:

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