Cottage Exterior

         These renderings depict my father's house in Wilmington, Ohio. It was built in 1998 and one day I found the original blueprints stashed away in a cabinet. Though they were a little faded with a few tears here and there, they were still easy to read. I walked around the inside and outside of the building taking pictures. In addition to being a fun personal project it was also good practice for my job where I produce architectural renderings for clients.

        I created the project in 3D Studio Max and rendered it using Vray. I modeled the sides of the cottage first, using the elevations and the first floor plan. With the photos for reference, I created the materials, objects, and surroundings. I rendered several channels along with the RGB, such as raw reflection, refraction, and lighting which I put together to create the final image in Photoshop.

The Process: