In Progress-Unreal Engine 4 Beach House Scene  for VR

The Process:

           This is the second addition to a series of Unreal 4 projects that I'm currently working on.  I have the HTC Vive that I am regularly testing the scene in. I'm once again using Substance Designer and Substance Painter to create materials, but I've also recently started using ZBrush normal mapping to create more organic shapes such as folds.

            As you can see this project is still in the early phases, with most of the assets still needing textures and many of them still needing to be modeled. I've been paying much closer attention to the poly count in this scene that I did for my Vray cottage renders.

UE4 Viewport Screenshots (Preview Lighting)

Substance Designer: Wicker Tiles

3D Studio Max: Furniture Models

ZBrush: Sculpting Folds

Substance Painter: Doorframe