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About Katherine

       For over ten years I've been making artwork and animations of many varieties both for work and for fun.

      At the end of March, 2017 I moved to Seattle where I've started freelancing and looking for new opportunities. I continue to produce work for High Rock Studios, a 3D firm that I worked for in Baltimore for almost three years.

      Lately I've been focusing on environment art, which is partly driven by my love of the outdoors. My background in architectural 3D also lends itself to such work, and so far it's been very fun and rewarding. Perhaps the most fun has been putting some of my scenes into VR. Several years ago I never would have thought I could walk through my artwork. Since getting the HTC Vive I've been able to create such an exciting experience and I look forward to what I will create in the future. 

Katherine Mahon
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